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Jennifer Saukko, Medical Receptionist

Jennifer Saukko, Medical Receptionist, Premium Care Internal Medicine

Jen has performed the job as medical and dental receptionist with integrity for many years. She possesses the knowledge of principles and processes to manage her job successfully. Her friendly demeanor and enthusiasm puts Dr. Baker’s patients at ease.

Jen gives full attention to fill the needs of Dr. Baker’s patients and is always actively looking for ways to help, as she carefully listens to what patients are saying, taking the time to understand each point being made and asking the appropriate questions.

She is experienced and skilled at conveying information effectively to patients and other professionals in the healthcare field, Jen will always do her very best in assisting Dr. Baker and his patients with their individual needs with scheduling. Her daily goal is to ensure the patients are treated with kindness and compassion.

Jennifer is devoted to her husband and family.


Christian Ibarra, Medical Assistant

Christian Ibarra, Medical Assistant, Premium Care Internal Medicine

Christian was motivated to pursue a career in the medical profession because it’s a great match with her strong desire to help people. She joined Dr. Baker’s team in 2002 after graduating from the Santa Barbara Business College Medical Assisting Program.

It’s unlikely that you will see Dr. Baker without passing through Christian’s capable hands first. She checks in all patients and records their vitals. She performs all procedures in the back office, reviews and processes all results, and coordinates all prescriptions. She regularly receives compliments on her gentle way of giving injections, which is practically painless.

She was born and raised in Goleta, and is a devoted mother to three boys. Christian’s small family is very close and tops her priority list.

Premium Care Services

Premium Care Internal Medicine includes a Comprehensive Preventive Medical Examination and a Personal Wellness Plan, which serve as the foundation of your personalized health care program. In addition, there are a number of amenities that come with being a patient in a smaller medical practice:
  • Comprehensive Preventive Medical Examination
  • Personal Wellness Plan
  • Same-day or Next-day Appointments
  • Longer, Unhurried Appointments
  • 24-Hour Accessibility – By Telephone, Fax, or Email
  • House Calls When Needed
  • Scheduled Telephone Visits
  • Enhanced Coordination of Your Care
  • Travel Medicine Services
  • Prescription Facilitation

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