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Thank you for your interest in my Premium Care Internal Medicine practice. I have created what I believe is the ideal medical practice; one that is smaller and more accessible, with enhanced personal attention. I invite you to learn about my approach and to become a member of Premium Care Internal Medicine.The practice of medicine has changed substantially in the 25 years since I began my medical career in Santa Barbara. Due to factors beyond my control, it’s become increasingly difficult for doctors provide the time, accessibility, and relationships that reflect my commitment to providing personalized healthcare. After long deliberation, I opened up my new Premium Care Internal Medicine practice in January 2004 so that I could provide the level of service that I think you and I would both prefer.To achieve this goal, the number of patients I care for is limited to about one-quarter the size of a typical practice. My smaller practice assures your immediate access to me, and enables me to respond quickly to your medical needs. As a patient in my office, visits are longer and unhurried. You enjoy same or next day appointments and full availability by cell phone, email, and website. I provide scheduled telephone appointments for more efficient use of your time. I take care of my patients when hospitalized, and I make house calls when needed. I place enhanced emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention, as well as personalized lifestyle counseling. There are minimal annoyances caused by health insurance and regulations.

Those who join my practice pay an annual fee, which includes all the amenities described above and as outlined in other areas of my website. The annual fee is not in lieu of insurance. Your existing insurance should be maintained to cover additional visits and procedures not included in the annual fee, as well as other medical services you might need outside of our office.

Making well-informed decisions about your healthcare takes time. Please read and consider the many benefits fill up you will enjoy as a patient my premium care practice. I invite you to call my office and speak to one of my staff members for more information and to arrange a time to meet with me and get acquainted.

I hope you will consider joining me in my practice. My goal is to be the best doctor I can be, and to be there when you need me.

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